Portpatrick Harbour and Lighthouse


The village has a picturesque harbour and a row of brightly painted houses along the seafront, not unlike Tobermory / Balamory. 

EXIF Metadata 
Location :-Portpatrick Harbour Lighthouse
How to get here :- See Map
GPS position :-54°50'26" N 5°7'6" W
Google Maps :-RVRJ+6M Stranraer
Where to park :-Carpark close by to lighthouse just off South Cresent
What to shoot :-Lighthouse and harbour enterance
When to shoot :-Before sunset
Camera :-Canon 1Ds III
Lens :-Canon EF 70-210mm f4 IS USM @ 78mm
ISO :- 100
"f" stop :-f11
Shutter Speed :- 1/10 sec
Tripod :-Manfrotto 190 Carbon Fibre 4 Section Tripod

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