St Monans Breakwater


St Monans breakwater as seen from the top of the harbour wall. 

 St Monans is a village in the East Neuk of Fife and this breakwater can be found at the end of the East Pier but is often missed due to being hidden behind a high wall. 

 The unusual shape makes it a great photographic subject in all sorts of conditions but is best at high tide.    

EXIF Metadata 
Location :-St Monans Breakwater
How to get here :- See Map
GPS position :-56°12'14" N 2°45'55" W
Google Maps :-663M+HV Anstruther
Where to park :-East Shore roadside parking where possible
What to shoot :-View of the breakwater from on top of harbour wall
When to shoot :-Sunrise
Camera :-Canon 1Ds III
Lens :-Samyang 24mm tilt shift
ISO :- 125
"f" stop :-f8
Shutter Speed :- 5.0 Sec
Tripod :-Manfrotto 190 Carbon Fibre 4 Section Tripod

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